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Aqua Yoga Vinyasa ™ helps you reduce joint pain and Improve health!
1Aqua Yoga School is helping the world relieve joint pain and live better lives!

Practicing Yoga in hydrostatic pressure rehabs your joints and helps relieve joint pain, restoring mobility and increasing wider range of motion.

A systematic practice, Aqua Yoga Vinyasa ™ helps you gain more flexibility than on land, while stretching and toning your muscles without the impact of land exercises. In our Aqua yoga Vinyasa™ classes, you also practice breathing techniques in chest deep water to help you relax and improve cardiovascular fitness. 

You can maintain a fit and shapely body safely! Don’t need to be a swimmer to benefit.

Aqua Yoga Vinyasa ™ is great for people of all body types and abilities. It especially benefits stroke & cancer survivors, people with arthritis issues, muscle and/or joint limitations, obesity, pregnant women and the senior adult community. Gentle and kind on the joints, yet intense enough to deepen your stretches, Aqua Yoga Vinyasa ™ is the perfect compliment to your existing fitness routine.

The hydrostatic pressure of water provides a unique nurturing environment for healing to occur. Aqua Yoga Vinyasa ™ makes Yoga practice available for people with limitations and who find Yoga painful and/or impossible on the mat; helping them find pain relief and new found mobility.

Aqua Yoga Vinyasa ™ helped Mohzina relief knee pain and and walk without knee guards after 3 weeks.

Aqua Yoga Vinyasa ™ helped our member Moon heal her trigger thumb condition after 8 weeks. She was able to post phone and eventually avoid surgery! 

Aqua Yoga Vinyasa ™ helped our member Faith to sleep soundly through the night without waking up, and gave her much more energy to do the things she love!

Aqua Yoga Vinyasa ™ helped our member Wendy to relief back pain and enabled to her walk faster, just over 3 weeks!

More testimonials here: https://bit.ly/2IeUfej
With regular and consistent practice, some benefits you can expect are
  • ​Strengthened spinal muscles.
  • ​Toned and strengthened the abdominal muscles. 
  • ​Regain toned pelvic floor muscles. 
  • ​Energized without strain in a short movement 
  • ​Stronger and deeper breathing ability after returning to land 
  • ​Toned and shaped figure safely 
  • ​Improved balance, confidence and self awareness 
  • ​Improved stamina 
  • ​Lengthens muscle, tones organs and decompresses the spine
Mineral Warm Pool
Your trusted partner to get healthy & live a Higher quality of life
1Aquayogaschool is the pioneer and leader of Aqua Yoga in Singapore and Asia. We are the only officially accredited Aqua Yoga school by Aqua Yoga Alliance International Association.  

Our systematic practices stem from authentic Traditional Yoga, with our Co-Founder and Senior Instructor sitting as the Singapore Director of Yoga Alliance International. Everyone of our Instructors are professionally trained and certified in Aquatic Yoga, CPR, AED and Standard First Aid.
Co-Founder & Senior Instructor Linda Loo

Linda is a Living Foods Specialist, Hatha Kundalini Yoga & Aqua Yoga Teacher. Since 2010, she had been leading Hatha Transformational Yoga & Meditation classes, 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teachers Training Certification (Yoga Alliance India) in Singapore. She founded 1Aquayogaschool in 2017 and pioneered Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™ classes in Singapore.

Yoga Alliance International (YAI) Singapore Director, YAI Certified 500 Hr Yoga Teacher (India), Certified Kundalini Meditation Teacher (India), Certified Aqua Yoga Teacher (USA), Certified Living Foods Chef & Teacher (USA), Advanced TCM Herbology and Cosmetic Acupuncture (Beijing).

Published Books
Transformational Yoga (2015) 
The System Of Conscious Awakening (2018)
Ian, Instructor
Ian has been facilitating Yin Yang and Hatha yoga classes at private studios since 2018, and Aqua yoga Vinyasa™ classes since 2019.
Yoga and Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™ helped him to recover from multiple muscle strains.

During cancer recovery from Lymphoma, yoga and meditation helped him gain back physical strength and mental peace.

He switched his focus away from a corporate life and now dedicates himself to teaching yoga full time to help more people.

AquaYoga TTC
Yin Yoga TTC 200

Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™ Testimonials
 After taking up golf I began to experience pain in the knee joints and as a result I stopped land Yoga. Now after only 3 sessions of Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™, I feel significant relief in the knees.
- Patricia Yeow (Quality Management Consultant)
 Just after one session of Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™, the pain in my wrist and finger joints were relieved. I also feel an improved flexibility in the knee caps, and my waist size reduced from practicing Aqua Kelp Asana!’
- Jan Ng (Biz Owner)
 Unlike other workouts, Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™ is an exercise that I don’t dread doing. I enjoy the practice and don’t feel exhausted afterwards. After Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™ I feel good and sleep is better. My stamina has also improved!
- Janice Tan (Biz Owner)
 Since I join Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™, I no longer feel the pain in my left hand due to tennis arm. I feel a lightness in my overall physical movement. 

Weak knees and lower back aches have been haunting me for over a decade.

Only been with Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™ for two months, I am very pleased to experience fast results and hope to overcome the weakness in my knees and reduce the pain in my lower back.

To top it all, I have better stamina in following the lesson through which was a chore for me at the beginning.

I love to brisk walk, but with weak knees I am not able to perform it. I am confident Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™ would help me enjoy brisk walking again.
- Ruth Eva (Home maker)
 Last night’s Aqua Yoga Vinyasa™ with Linda Loo helped to decrease the pain in my hand even further. It’s now almost back to normal. Thank you Linda!
Iris Koh (Musician) 
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