Warm Water Aqua Yoga 
For Joint Pain Course
10 Sessions of Warm Water Aqua Yoga Vinyasa - S$450
Unfold towards your best self every day
10 X 60 minutes of Warm Water Aqua Yoga Vinyasa At Indoor, Heated, Chlorine-free & Sea Salt Pool
Start Right With Aqua Yoga Beginners Coaching - S$128
Unfold towards your best self every day
1-1 Personal Coaching 30 minutes to help you start off correctly and get the most out of your practice!
Total Value: S$628 (One-Time Registration S$50)
Special Price Today: S$498
Save S$130!
"The power of water yoga, for the lasting vitality you deserve!" 

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"I really enjoy these lessons every week. I come out of the pool feeling refreshed. My joints feel stronger. Linda ( our instructor ) is very engaging and pushes us to do better . 
In all, I would recommend Aqua yoga for everyone!" Dr Simmi Kaur, GP
"I have really enjoyed my Aqua yoga lessons since I started them about two months ago. I now practice it about 3 times a week on my own as well because I can really feel the benefit. I have far less pain in my knees, back and neck and I am more flexible and stronger too. I would gladly recommend this exercise to anyone with injuries or to older people who may need a gentle but effective exercise!" Ms Suja Thomas, Lawyer
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"After joining Aqua yoga , I find that my lower back pain has been reduced tremendously. Now I can walk the whole day going about my activities without any pain. I would like to recommend those with knee and spine pain to not go for surgery first, but come and try out Aqua yoga as it might help you like how it helped me." 
Ms Sarasu, Homemaker